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10 Facts about Multiyork that will Convince you to get your Sofa Recovered

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Every single item was manufactured in the UK

While the vast majority of retailers sourced their product from lower cost economies such as China and Eastern Europe, Multiyork stuck firmly to UK manufacturing.

The company was 40 years old

Initially operating from the Old Mill site in the small village of Suffolk, Mellis, Multiyork was founded in 1978.

Their manufacturing facility was based in Thetford, Norfolk

From 1992 onwards the factory and Head Office were based at Thetford in Norfolk.

Multiyork employed a lot of people

All Multiyork sofas were made at its Thetford factory. Its Thetford factory had alone had 300 members of staff, 60 of which were seamstresses who stitched the upholstery fabrics. In total Multiyork employed nearly 550 cross its 50 stores throughout the United Kingdom.

They even ran an apprenticeship scheme

Multiyork had a sewing apprenticeship school. This was to ensure that the skills held by their seamstresses were passed down through generations to preserve the craft of their employees.

The company made A LOT of sofas

In 2000 Multiyork were producing over 1,000 pieces of furniture a week.

And their sofas last a long time!

On average, people keep their Multiyork sofas for 15 to 20 years.

Multiyork was one of the first furniture retailers to have a website

Multiyork paved the way for online furniture shopping and were amongst the first to launch a website.

Their sofas raised £25,000 for charity

Multiyork raised £25,000 for BBC Children in Need in 2009. They created six limited edition Pudsey sofas which were auctioned off and raised a huge £6250 each.

They won 70% of their business on recommendations alone

Many of Multiyork’s customers went to Multiyork because friends or family recommended them. That is a huge amount of happy customers.

It’s worth it!

It is widely known that Multiyork went into administration at the end of 2017, but their legacy lives on in the high quality pieces of furniture which their worldwide customer base still own.

Many people will now be concerned over where they can, or whether they should, get their Multiyork furniture recovered when it begins to wear. We hope these 10 facts will remind everyone of the high quality of Multiyork furniture, and prove that it is totally worth recovering.

With a team made up of original Multiyork employees, including seamstresses MY Sofa Covers are able to offer a recovering service for Multiyork furniture as if it was Multiyork doing it themselves.

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