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The Life of a Sofa: 5 Facts

The sofa is the centre piece of every home. As such a focal point in every household, it makes you wonder what happens during the average life of a sofa.

Whether you use it to curl up with a book in front of the fire, lay on to watch TV or as a place for the whole family to sit and catch up, we’re sure that most of your long days end by going home, getting comfy on the sofa and putting your feet up. A house would certainly not be a home without one.

Being passionate about this particular furnishing, we investigated and found out some facts about who, and what your sofa sees throughout a typical lifetime.

Here are 5 sofa statistics for your amusement, as found by a poll conducted by home insurance company esure.

The Facts

  1. Typically sofa owners will sit on their sofa for four hours everyday. This equates to 1460 hours every year, which is nearly 61 whole days sat on the sofa per year.
  2. In addition, sofas which share a home with children will endure 527 sessions of kids jumping up and down on them.
  3. Over an eight year period, the average sofa will be a bed for 489 visitors. It will even sleep one of the owners for 293 nights after a heated domestic row.
  4. The average family eat 13 dinners per month on their sofa. So the next one will probably come as no surprise…
  5. Spills, spills and more spills! Over the average life of a sofa, children will drop food and drink on it three times a fortnight and even adults will spill their dinner on the sofa six times a month. Tea and coffee is spilled on your sofa three times a week and wine every two weeks. Over an eight year period, the average sofa suffers 1,600 spills in total.


While we all realised our sofas withstood a lot, the figures are surprising. The sofa is a hugely resilient item of furniture which suffers much abuse in it’s life time. It comes as no surprise that families, couples and businesses invest a large amount of money to purchase a high quality sofa.

With sofas hosting up to 782 visitors over a typical lifespan, suffering spills, doubling up as a bed and having multiple grubby hands and feet all over it, it’s also got us thinking about cleanliness.

While washing can freshen up a sofa, it can often fade colours and patterns leaving your sofa looking less than desirable. After all that use and abuse, maybe your sofa will need a new set of covers every so often.

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