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5 Reasons why you should get your Multiyork sofa recovered

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It’s an event we dread. The sofa which once cost us an arm and a leg starts to look sorry and lose its lusciousness. The cozy cushions you’ve spent many nights curling up in are looking worse for wear. It’s grubby, stained and no longer has the stylish edge it once had.

So, what do you do? Do you go out and buy a new one or re-invest into your old beloved sofa? Call us biased but we are definitely for the latter. Read on for 5 reasons why:

More cost effective

Much modern furniture is very poor quality and simply not worth trying to revive or sometimes even buying in the first place. However, if you have a good quality sofa that was British made such as a Multiyork, a refurbishment would be a sound investment.

Unfortunately many pieces of furniture these days are poorly made. You may get lucky and buy a cheap piece of furniture that lasts. But generally cheap sofas are made out of poor quality soft wood, stapled together and will not survive long. Buying a budget piece of furniture may initially cost less than recovering your existing sofa but it will certainly not last as long as older, quality furniture.

If you would still love your sofa if it wasn’t for the general wear and tear, stick with it and recover it. It will cost you less in the long run than having to totally replace your suite every few years.

Better for the environment

Thousands of sofas are thrown into landfill every year. The effect on our environment is incredibly damaging.

Government figures state that England sends more than 50% of our waste to a landfill. That is the equivalent of 62 million tonnes a year. Out of this, 1,590,000 tonnes of waste is classed as ‘bulky waste’. Of this bulky waste around 42% is furniture.

This is equal to 670,000 tonnes of furniture disposed by householders in the UK annually. That is the equivalent of around 4 million sofas per year.

Wouldn’t it feel great to know you’d revamped your beloved sofa and helped the environment a bit too?

Read our full post on why recovering is better for the environment here.

More practical

Recovering your sofa is the perfect way to bring a loved piece of furniture back to life without compromising on the original style. With a strong, quality frame a couch can be completely restored as if brand new. The best bit is, you don’t have to worry about shopping to find a new one and if recovering, having to get it in and out of the house or disposing of the old one.

You know it works

One of the greatest perks of recovering your existing furniture suite is that you know it already fits! You don’t have to worry about measuring up the area and making sure the replacement will go, because it’s already there.

If you are redecorating and fancy a new style you can do that too, you can have different fabrics, different cushions and update it to how you want it to look all whilst knowing it will fit perfectly in the spot where you need it to go.

When you already know your sofa fits, is well made and is really comfortable. It’s a no brainer, it is worth recovering.


Often a loved sofa can gain a family heirloom status. If it has been in your family for some time and has seen many family milestones and events, we can become quite attached.

Whether it’s remembering your children when they were young and snuggling up with them and their blankets or the laughs shared with friends; there are certain things which are irreplaceable. If you cannot put a monetary value on your sofa and feel sad at the thought of letting it go, we certainly suggest recovering is the route for you.

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