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5 Simple Ways to Maintain your Sofa Covers

5 Simple Ways to Maintain your Sofa Covers

Believe it or not, keeping your furniture looking good is easy when you take a few simple steps and precautions. Taking a few minutes to care for your fabric sofa covers will help to protect your investment and keep your furniture looking its best for years to come.

Here are five weekly tasks you can do to keep your sofas looking fresh and plump (assuming this is for a fabric sofa):

1. Give your sofa covers a weekly clean:

The sofa is the most used furniture item in any house. Every family member uses it and sometimes even our fluffy family members use it too. This means that ours sofa covers can get rather grubby pretty quickly! Dust, spills and crumbs can quickly accumulate on sofas, creating a grimy surface that looks worn and if left for long becomes difficult to clean. Cleaning your sofas regularly will help to keep them looking clean and new.

So how do you clean a sofa?

The best way to clean most sofa covers is with a damp cloth. Use a microfibre cloth to avoid leaving behind any lint. First, check the care label on your sofa to see if there are any specific instructions for cleaning. You can usually find this label on the underside of a cushion or in the sofa’s crevice. It's worth checking with your fabric manufacturer if you cannot find a label and keeping a note of the cleaning instructions. If there are no specific instructions, dampen your cloth with cool water and gently wipe down the surface of your sofa. If you need to use a cleaner, be sure to test it on an inconspicuous area of your sofa before using it on the entire piece. Avoid using any cleaners that contain bleach, as this can damage and discolour your sofa covers.

2. Vacuum your sofa regularly:

In addition to cleaning your sofa covers with a damp cloth, be sure to vacuum your sofas at least weekly as well. If your pets or children frequent the sofa and you have a handheld hoover you could give the sofa a quick once over every few days. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to clean nooks and crannies, as well as the flat surfaces. The more the crumbs are kept on top of the quicker the job is each time.

3. Fluff up sofa cushions:

Over time, sofa cushions can become flat and lumpy. Fluffing up the cushions on a regular basis will help to keep them looking full and plump. In addition to plumping them you should rotate the sofa cushions too. If your sofa has removable cushions, rotating them each time you plump the cushions will help to distribute wear and tear evenly, prolonging the life of your sofa.

4. Protect your sofa from sunlight:

Sunlight can fade and damage your sofa covers, so be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight when possible. If your sofa is in front of the window using a throw or draw the curtains when you're not there. This will help to protect your sofa from fade.

5. Blot spills immediately:

Some fabrics come with a water or spill proof coating but not all of them. Either way, tending to a spillage as quickly as possible will result in less staining or damage to your sofa covers. Try not to rub a stain as it can spread the spillage and result in unsightly discolouration. Instead spot clean the stain and once cleaned blot the area carefully with a paper towel to soak up any excess moisture.

Bonus tips:

1. Keep fabric fresh: Invest in or make a good upholstery spray cleaner or freshener.

2. Wipe up water immediately: Although it’s not realistic to try to avoid liquids on your furniture entirely, it’s always best to quickly clean up any water spills. Leaving liquids to sit can result in water damage or even the growth of mould.

3. Test any products on an inconspicuous area of the sofa cover before apply to the whole thing.

4. Investing in a professional deep clean on a yearly basis will keep your sofas looking and smelling fresh.

5. If your sofa covers are at the end of their life, consider purchasing some replacement covers. At My Sofa Covers we specialise in replacement loose covers for Multiyork furniture. Using our specialist expertise we are able to remake sofa covers for almost any model of Multiyork furniture exactly the same as the originals! Complete out instant quote form if you know what model you have or contact us if you have any other questions!