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Bring New Life to your Old Multiyork with MY Sofa Covers – Easily and Completely Remotely!

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At MY Sofa Covers we have spent years perfecting our craft. Rather than offering replacement covers for all brands we wanted to specialise in one thing. That thing we decided on was Multiyork furniture.

Why? Because instead of doing several things to a good standard, we wanted to do one thing to an incredible standard. With the majority of our team already having worked careers producing Multiyork furniture and covers, our choice was obvious.

From designing in the product development team all the way through to working in the sales team (including machining in the upholstery department), throughout their careers our team gained years of experience developing, making, repairing and selling Multiyork furniture.

There is no other business who knows the Multiyork product as well as we do and there is no other service offering covers to match the exact patterns of your originals completely remotely.

Yep, our remote replicas mean we are a completely remote replacement cover service!

What does being a remote cover service mean?

When looking for replacement covers for your Multiyork furniture you may be confronted with one of these few options:
1. Stretch Covers –

This is a ‘one size fits all’ solution. This is basically an elasticated piece of material which is simply stretched over your furniture and tucked into the crevices to give it the illusion of fitting.

Stretch covers can come in super handy as temporary or short term solutions for messy visitors, or protecting the sofas from pets; but they typically look cheap, have limited pattern or colour options and have a synthetic feel to touch.

2. Copy Covers –

This is a tailored solution and if done well can sometimes result in a close match to your original covers.

The catch being that suppliers who offer a copy cover service will physically need your covers in order to copy them. This involves completely removing your entire cover set from your sofa (cushions and body), sending them to the supplier and being sofa cover-less until they have unpicked, copied and returned your covers.

It’s worth noting that the covers will not be resewn so, if for any reason you dislike your new covers, or there is a problem with them, you will find yourself coverless for quite some time. If you wanted to keep your old set as a spare, they will no longer be usable as they will have been unpicked to make the patterns for your new covers.

3. Typical Made to Measure –

This is another tailored solution which usually involves an upholsterer or trained sales rep visiting your house in order to take the measurements required for your replacement covers. Often you will find the replacement covers aren’t as close to your originals as zips, seams and piping can sometimes be in slightly different placements to your originals.

What MY Sofa Covers offer
4. Remote Replicas –

While our remote replicas are also a made to measure solution we are able to offer exact replicas (depending on fabric availability) to your originals without needing to visit, your existing covers or even any measurements! Unlike the three options above we offer completely tailored, identical replacement covers with minimal disruption to and little effort from you.

Remote service and high expertise

Thanks to our Multiyork expertise we are able to produce replacement covers via our remote service which are identical to your originals with just a few simple photographs. Once we have used these photographs to identify your furniture we can simply make your replacement covers and send them when they’re ready. We’ve helped hundreds of happy customers breathe new life into their old Multiyork furniture. If you want to see what they’re saying, check out our Google reviews here or in the footer of our site.

As with anything, there is sometimes an exception to the rule and under certain circumstances, or where the required information isn’t available, we may have to ask for measurements or arrange collection of your covers or sofas. But these instances are rare and over 99% of the time we are able to provide our remote service.

If you have more questions about our remote service, how we work in general or what we need to identify your furniture check out our FAQ’s page.