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Decorating Tips – How to Match Décor to your Sofa (and vice versa)

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Embarking on a redecorating project can seem an impossible feat at the best of times. The task is complicated even further when there’s a bold or statement piece of furniture which you want to keep so needs to be worked around.

Bold sofa patterns and prints have always been popular but often in a room the paintwork needs re-doing before the sofa needs replacing. Similarly, you may have recently redecorated to find your sofa no longer matches and therefore needs recovering. Finding a fresh colour scheme or new fabric for replacement loose covers that work perfectly can prove tricky.

Interior design is a hugely personal thing. While it is difficult to advise on personal taste – whether it is new walls you need to work around your sofa, or a new sofa you need to find to match your statement walls – these are our top tips and techniques for making it all fit.

First Step – Gather Inspiration

Make a conscious effort to keep an eye out for pleasing colour combinations and textures which match your sofa or compliment your décor. This could be anything from a beautiful flower bed full of colour to monochrome swatches.

While you are going about your day to day activities, notice what colour or texture combinations regularly catch your eye and take photographs. Even aesthetically pleasing advertisements can be a source of inspiration – take advantage of the skills of professional designers wherever you can.

Save Instagram posts, bookmark websites, upload the photographs you’ve taken and use tools like Pinterest or Evernote to create a mood board which you can refer to when deciding upon your final colours.

Clashing is the New Matching

Contrary to popular belief it is possible to mix and match patterns without looking chaotic. Throw together patterns blocks of colour, pieces from different eras, designs, fabrics and hues you love by following a few basic rules. When mixing patterns make sure colours are all within the same colour palette. You can layer patterns by keeping neutral colours and spaces between them and having a base colour scheme running throughout.

When going extra on the patterns, it’s sometimes better to tone down colour to achieve a calmer effect. By mixing and matching styles and prints, you’ll create a really engaging space.

If you’re nervous when it comes to mixing patterns, try this simple strategy: choose one shade and try 3-4 different patterns all in that shade.

This rule also work the opposite way round. You can also clash or mix and match colours by using the same pattern to tie them all in. If you want to bring several bold colours together into the same space, using a pattern containing them all or similar shades is a great way to do this.

Use Shades to Blend

Think in colour families and weave together two or more shades. Working within a distinct colour palette helps rooms to feel cohesive. If your sofa cover has a bold pattern, pick your desired colour from the pattern and use that colour family to decorate the rest of the room.

Layer Textures

Create depth by combining different textures. Layer mattes with shine, softs with hard, colours with neutrals, weaves with plains… you get the jist.

Use Neutrals to break up Bold Colours

Also known as monotone mixing. If you have bold patterns or colours in your sofa covers or throughout the décor of your room, use neutral colours to break it up and tone it down. Neutrals can tip the balance of a room loaded with colour and pattern from looking clash-y and frantic to classy and stylised.

Accessories Save the Day

Accessories are the perfect way to tie together key features in a room. Use a throw, scatter cushions or even curtains to tie in shades from your colour palette to link statement pieces.

Whether they blend in or stand out, scatter cushions should always compliment the sofa or chair they will be laid on. Either look for something similar in colour to the sofa or look for something totally different as a contrasting piece.

If the sofa furniture has a bold pattern already, a solid set of scatter cushions can be a great way to tone and soften it. Just remember patterns should always enhance the colour palette in the room.


Most importantly, always keep balance in mind and trust your eye. As long as the room looks balanced you can’t go wrong.

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