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How to Recycle Old Sofa Covers: 4 Simple Ideas

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It is possible to recycle old sofa covers. As a society we are becoming more eco conscious. Many of us are continually looking for ways to reduce our individual environmental impact. As a result it has become a key factor in both our decision making and consumer habits.

We previously wrote a blog post on the reasons why recovering over replacing your sofa is the eco-friendly choice. It most definitely is the choice which has the least environmental impact, however there is still some wastage involved. We researched the best ways to re-purpose, reuse or recycle old sofa covers and interiors. Read on so you can see how to reduce this wastage.

Try reusing them first

Firstly if your old covers and/or interiors are still in good condition, consider having them cleaned and storing them in a vacuum bag as a spare set.

Alternatively try listing them for free on Freecycle, Facebook Marketplace or other selling sites. Covers for a specific model of Multiyork furniture is rather niche, but there may well be someone looking! Make sure you add all the details on the listing including model, size and cushion sizes. We can help you identify these if you are not sure.

It’s possible that a local artist or craft maker would be interested in finding an alternative use for them too. This is a great second option if no-one is interested in them as sofa covers.

How to recycle old sofa covers

Check with your local council whether they collect and recycle old sofa covers and other textiles. If they do, you will be able to put them at the kerbside or arrange a special collection.

Take them to a textiles bank. You can check to find out where your closest one which accepts all types of textiles is here. You may even be able to get a little money for them if you contact your local Cash for Clothes branch.

Or, Re-purpose your Old Sofa Covers Instead

A little Google online shows a bunch of fun ideas to re-purpose old and unwanted textiles or fabrics! Get crafty and you’ll find there are loads of creative ideas you can try to make use of the material.

Some of our favourite zero-waste ideas include cutting sections from less worn areas to make scatter cushions, using the smaller scraps to make hair scrunchies and then finally cutting down the really worn parts into rags or cleaning cloths. Here’s a great article with lots of ideas and tutorials for things you could make out of scrap fabrics.  

While finding a way to recycle old sofa covers may seem like the easiest option, if you enjoy making and creating at home finding ways to re-purpose the fabric is a great option. You may even be able to sell some of your wares using online marketplaces too.

How to recycle old foam or cushion interiors

Keep some in the loft or in a vacuum bag as packing or moving material, it can come in incredibly handy to secure delicate items. 

Contact local schools and colleges to see if their drama or art departments would be able to make use of it. A lot of stage props are made using foam.

Donate to an animal shelter for bedding. Pet beds can be expensive so a local animal shelter will likely welcome a makeshift bed. If you have your own pet, use the foam to stuff your own.

Shred the foam and use it to stuff scatter cushions, cuddly toys, pet beds, knee pads for gardening, floor cushions and/or a draft excluder. You could even use the fabric from your old sofa covers to cover all of these things too.