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MY Sofa Covers Top Reasons to Buy Loose Covers

Changing the loose covers on your sofa is one of the simplest ways to give your living space a major update. It’s cost effective, impact-ful and, with MY Sofa Covers, super easy to do. Keep reading for our top reasons!

1)  Cost-effective

We’re all looking for more and more ways to save on costs. Whether you’re looking for ways to be more thrifty, saving up for something in particular or simply looking to cut down on non-essential spending, replacement loose covers offer an excellent wallet friendly solution. While there are cheap or budget sofa suites available on the market, replacing a full suite to the same quality as your existing Multiyork suite can cost upwards of £2000. When that is not within your budget or, it is not that high of a priority, replacement loose covers are the way forward. With loose covers you can revive your sofa at a fraction of the cost (starting from £300) – and many of our customers say it’s as if they have a brand new suite.

2)  Save time and effort on cleaning

Once a sofa suite begins to age, stains and wear and tear are inevitable. This leads to many wasted hours of wishful thinking scrubbing at the stain again and again hoping it will lift this time, or attempting to hoover up the ‘dust’ which we all know is really fade. Eliminate this frustration with a new set of loose covers. The replacement covers are made out of brand new fabric and many are machine washable meaning they are super easy to care for. If (or more likely when) they get dirty simply take them off and stick them in the wash. They will come out looking as good as new (just make sure you follow washing instructions).

3) Revive the room 

Furniture that looks a bit worse for wear can make a room look more dated than it is. By replacing the loose covers on your furniture you can liven up your room in a whole new way.  MY Sofa Covers have a vast selection of fabrics in a variety of prints, textures and styles. With everything from stripes to florals, you’ll be able to find a fabric perfect for you and the desired new look for your lounge.

4) Tie everything together

A furniture suite is typically a focal point of any room. If you’re the kind of person that collects an array of mismatched furniture and accessories, clever fabric selection on replacement sofa covers can allow you to tie the entire room together.

5)  Help protect the Environment

By making the choice to buy replacement loose covers as an alternative to completely replacing your furniture you are helping the environment! Reviving your current suite prevents it from going to landfill and doesn’t buy into the unnecessary production of new furniture.

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