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Now Available: Replacement Fixed Leather Sofa Covers

The quality of Multiyork sofas is unrivalled. If you purchased a leather sofa, even a decade ago, it will have been a hefty investment. Fortunately now, there is no need to completely replace your leather sofa when it begins to show signs of use – just get the leather covers replaced by MY Sofa Covers.

Common problems such as ink or nail varnish spills, tears, stains and burns can be much harder to disguise on leather sofas in comparison to fabric sofas. And that’s not to mention there the additional damages which a leather sofa can suffer. Whilst a leather sofa is often seen as more durable and long lasting, it is more prone to accidents like scratches or scuffs, and once damages have occurred they are more noticeable.


When investing money into a sofa, it is expected that the sofa will remain part of the household for a number of years, even decades. With replacing worn and damaged covers, that sort of lifespan can 100% be achieved.

These commonly occuring problems can be easily fixed for a fraction of the cost of replacing the suite, and your beloved leather sofa can be restored.

Cushion interiors

MY Sofa Covers are even able to replace your cushion interiors for when your leather sofa begins to sag or go flat due to daily use. MY Sofa Covers offer a range of replacement cushion interiors to add to your suite before fixing your replacement leather sofa covers. Extra fillings to the seats, back and arm cushions to make your sofas as good as new. For more details on our cushion interiors click here.

Do you have a leather sofa which needs its covers replacing? Contact MY Sofa Covers for your quick quote today!