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Pro-longing the Life of Your Sofa

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Has your sofa begun to look worse for wear? Are your cushions sagging, and the fabric beginning to look stained and worn? Cosmetic sofa wear and tear his is the case for many homes. While it can be frustrating, many of the symptoms can easily be fixed.


The average, good quality sofa will usually last somewhere between 7 to 15 years. Naturally, at item of furniture which is used so often will begin to show signs of wear and tear before then – particularly a well-loved sofa in a family room. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can replenish your sofa and restore it to its former glory.

Keep reading for MY Sofa Covers expert tips on how to keep your sofa looking as new as the day you bought it.

Stubborn stains

As annoying as accidentally staining your prided sofa, there are ways you can fix it when staining occurs.

Spot cleaning is a highly effective way to remove a stain from the area of fabric. If a stain has not been worked too deeply into the fabric’s fibres, spot cleaning can get rid of the stain. There are plenty of good tutorials on spot cleaning online. Read ours on how to eco clean your sofa here.

Lifeless sofa cushions

Squashed sofa cushions are not as comfortable and can quickly age a sofa. Luckily there are several easy fixes for this problem.

Regularly plumping sofa cushions before they begin to show signs of flatness can hold off the effects of flatness. Get into the habit of plumping sofa cushions once a week, so that cushions stay fluffy and comfortable. If you notice lumps inside your cushion stuffing, we recommend either sending your cushions to a re-upholsterer or purchasing replacement cushion interiors. A re-upholsterer will quickly be able to re-fill fixed sofa cushions without damaging the fabric.

If you have recently purchased a new sofa and are wondering how long the sofa cushions are likely to last, you can typically tell by the amount of money invested in the item. A high quality item of furniture is much more likely to last longer. For example an expensive seat foam is likely to last around ten years, whereas a cheaper seat stuffed with polyester and/or polyurethane foam is likely to start losing fullness after three years or so.

Worn, Faded Fabric

Even the best looked after sofas can suffer wear and tear.

Whilst fading fabric is common, preventative measures can be put in place. Consider positioning your sofa away from windows and natural sunlight. In cases where this isn’t possible, protect your sofa with a removable throw on sunny days.

Worn fabric

Unfortunately fabric has a tendency to wear or fade relatively quickly. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy a brand new sofa, more often than not the sofa frames underneath will still remain in next to new condition. Most good quality sofa frames are likely to last at least ten years. So if your sofa’s fabric is beginning to look aged, whether it’s fraying, fading or general wear and tear, you needn’t buy a brand new sofa.

Many people are under the impression that to replace sofa cover fabrics a professional re-upholsterer is required, but this is often not the case. When it comes to Multiyork sofas, MY Sofa Covers are able to identify your model by asking just a few questions and provide a solution to revive your beloved sofa. We offer durable fabrics which last and can continue to save you money and keep your sofa looking great for years to come. Contact us today!