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Simple Updates to Refresh your Living Space

Whether you love your living space or hate it, even the most content amongst us will require a change occasionally. 

A change doesn’t need to be costly or a lot of work, there are many simple swaps, updates and additions we can make to transform or refresh your living space.

It could be a new trend you’ve spotted online which has taken your fancy, or just a desire for something different. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to cost the earth and labour. It’s possible to do it right for minimal costs and effort. 

Here we will show you three ways in which you can make minimal adjustments to your space and achieve maximum impact.

1.  Make it Kew-l

Take inspiration from Kew Gardens and other botanical marvels by filling your room with plants, plants and more plants. Adding plants is one of the most effective ways to breathe a new lease of life into a room, literally. 

With plants, the options are endless – tropical plants, flowers, climbing plants, cacti, succulents, hanging plants – each can give your room a totally different look and feel.

Get a bunch of tropical floor plants to provide a rainforest feel. Find a metallic tray or terranium to create a delightful succulent arrangement. If you have shelving, some cleverly placed climbing or hanging plants can completely refresh your space. Or simply just purchasing a few beautiful bunches of flowers and placing them in different spots in your room can change it for the better.

The great thing about plants and flowers is that even just swapping the pots and vases out for different ones, or moving them to a different spot, can provide simple ways to update your room.

If you have pets or small children, be sure to check that the plants you buy are non-toxic!

2.  Reframe it

Most of us have photos, prints or pictures either standing on shelves or hung around the room in our living space. Another simple transformation which can be done is to mix these up. 

There are a few options here as one simple swap is to change the images within the frames, another is to change the actual frames  or alternatively upcycle the frames. 

If you decide to change the images within the frames and your decor is quite neutral, liven it up with some bold imagery and prints. If your decor features a lot of bold colours already, try changing it up with some subtle or geometric patterns.

Of course, many of the images we have up in our homes hold sentimental value and therefore you may not wish to change those which are on display. If this is the case for you, try changing the actual frames themselves. Many home stores sell frames at really reasonable prices, changing a thin wooden frame for a thick black or metallic can offer a totally fresh perspective.

If you’re working to a really small budget, purchase some paint from a DIY store and upcycle the frames you have. The ranges of paint available are so diverse now you can create a completely new look often for under £10. Just make sure the paint you buy is suitable for the material which your frames are made out of.

3. Fancy fabrics!

There is so much you can do with fabrics which can completely refresh your living space. From a basic change such as a new throw to something more drastic like changing your sofa covers; the options truly are vast when it comes to fabric. Another option would be to consider a new set of curtains. Again, changing these feature fixtures can totally refresh your living space.

We’re sure it comes as no surprise that we are suggesting recovering your sofa; but a new set of covers really can transform not only your furniture, but the entire room. We have a huge range of fabrics to choose from, plain to patterned, so whatever style is taking your fancy at the moment we’re certain we would have something to your taste. Get in touch today and we’d be more than happy to send out a selection of free fabric samples.