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The Multiyork 2-Seater Sofa Lives On

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The Multiyork 2-Seater Sofa Lives On

There's a lot to be said for a 2 seater sofa. Not only are they comfortable and perfect for fitting into tighter spaces, but even with their compact size they can often comfortably seat three people, — and maybe even the family pet.

Despite the trends in recent years leaning towards oversized and modular seating which fills the whole room we think the classic compact 2 seater is a trend that will never get old.

Multiyork's Legacy - The 2-Seater Sofa

When Multiyork closed in 2017 they left a legacy of 2 seater sofas that still perform. Defining quality and durability, Multiyork's craftsmanship has indeed proven its mettle in withstanding the test of time. These 2 seater sofas, while maintaining their aesthetic appeal, have demonstrated remarkable endurance and longevity, asserting Multiyork's commitment to quality. They have unwittingly become timeless pieces, their resilience a testament to superior craftsmanship, which continues to be appreciated long after the company's closure.

Despite the enduring quality and robust design of these 2 seater sofas, it's only natural that over time, they may experience wear and tear. This could result in them needing a touch of tender love and care. Fortunately, this can be achieved through the replacement of interiors and fitting of made-to-measure loose covers. These alterations not only breathe new life into your beloved 2 seater sofa but also allow you to adapt its style to evolving decor trends. Preserving the life of your 2 seater sofa in this manner ensures that it remains the perfect blend of timeless design and contemporary style.

Restoring your 2-Seater Sofa

At MY Sofa Covers, we offer services specifically tailored to maintain the timeless charm of your 2 seater sofa. Our bespoke range includes replacement 2-seater sofa covers and replacement cushion interiors, which are often all that's needed to rejuvenate your sofa. These improvements not only refresh the look of your sofa but also enhance its comfort and durability.

For those really well-loved pieces that have seen better days, we offer comprehensive refurbishment services that may include re-springing and re-foaming the sofa. However, we'll delve deeper into these extensive refurbishment services in a subsequent article.

How we make your Multiyork sofa covers

Step One:

You give us the details.
We work with you to collect the information we need. We will typically ask for photos of your furniture as well as a photo of the internal label on your furniture cushions.
If you still have your original documents from Multiyork, everything we need is on that so a photograph of that also works.

Step Two:

Choose your new look!
We have hundreds of fabrics available via our approved suppliers. Whatever colour, texture, composition or pattern you want, we'll have something for you. Simply send a list of the fabrics you like the look of to our team and we will send you samples free of charge.

Step Three:

Place your order.
Once you've decided on a fabric we will confirm your quote and lead times. We'll send an invoice for your deposit, order your fabric and get to work.

Step Four:

Fabric cutting.

This is where your covers start taking shape, literally! Our team has extensive knowledge on Multiyork furniture which means:

  1. We don't need to come to your house to take measurements
  2. We don't need your old covers to unpick & copy
  3. We don't make a general one size fits all cover

The covers we make are completely tailored to your model of sofa and will be exactly the same as your old covers - apart from the fabric of course.

Step Five:


Once we've cut the fabric for your covers our talented seamstresses begin to sew the pieces together.

Step Six:

Quality check!

Our secret weapon to ensure everything that goes out of our door is of the highest quality.

Step Seven:


Once your covers are nearing completion we will contact you to agree on a suitable delivery slot. If you have booked the fitting service we will arrange your appointment at this stage too.

Making Multiyork 2 seater sofa covers

Our team at MY Sofa Covers is comprised of highly skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to producing high-quality products. Each member brings forth a unique set of skills, contributing to the fine workmanship apparent in our sofa covers. Everything, from cutting the fabric to sewing and quality checking, is executed with meticulous attention to detail. Our team's commitment to quality often results in a high demand for our products. This high demand, coupled with our dedication to producing top-notch products, can sometimes result in longer lead times. However, we assure you that this is a testament to the quality of our work. The wait is worthwhile, as the final product you receive will not disappoint, offering a perfect blend of quality, durability, and style.