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Tips to Revamp your Home During the Lockdown

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Now is the perfect time to make headway on any home projects you’ve been meaning to get around to. Initially it may seem that planning to revamp your home during the lockdown will prove difficult. While some jobs which are not urgent and require external help may have to wait, there are still plenty of things which can be done in the meantime. With many online retailers still open for business and offering home delivery, it may not be as tricky as you first thought. Have a read of our handy list of tips below.

Revamp Tip 1: Clear out clutter!

This is a big one. If you are anything like us you will have cupboards (and sometimes even rooms) full of clutter you’ve been meaning to sort through but have never had the time. Well, now you do! 

If you have a lot of clutter the task can seem overwhelming at best. Make things simpler for yourself and get a system in place. Find or purchase some storage tubs. Using colour coded stickers choose one colour for each tub to sort items into. For example:

Red = shed
Yellow = attic
Green = charity shop
Blue = tip

Make your way through each room, one cupboard at a time boxing up items appropriately. When a tub is full, store it in the relevant place. For charity shop and tip items, find somewhere out of the way to store them until the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Revamp Tip 2: Spring clean and rearrange…

Once all the clutter is out of the way you can see what you have left to work with! Give everywhere a good dust, wipe and hoover before deciding where to place everything. Try rearranging furniture in the rooms, changing photos and changing the placement of ornaments and other feature items. You’d be surprised how much of a difference small swaps as simple as moving photo frames can make. Shifting the furniture can open your mind to new possibilities within the space. Perhaps opening up a wall to use as a feature.

It may be that you’ve had your furniture arranged a certain way in order to hide scuffs. marks or stains on walls and furniture. If that is the case, find up or order a tin of paint to give the room a fresh coat.

If there are some marks or stains on your sofa which you’ve been trying to hide, consider ordering some replacement sofa covers. We are still open for business and are able to offer replacement covers for all Multiyork furniture. Unlike many other suppliers we don’t need to visit your home to measure up your furniture. We know the Multiyork patterns inside out meaning we are able to quote for and make your covers after asking just a few questions. The majority of our replacement covers can be fitted by you at home too. Get in touch to find out more

Revamp During Lockdown Tip 3: Repaint and re-purpose

If you have some old tins of paint kicking around in a cupboard, shed or garage, now presents the perfect time to use them up! 

Think about which walls could work as a feature to use up any bold colours. If you have spare paint for all of the rooms, have a look to see which walls would benefit from a fresh coat of paint. It’s incredible how a lick of paint can completely refresh a room.

If you want to go the whole hog and completely redecorate paint is available to order online along with paintbrushes and all the tools you will need. This article gives some great advice and guidance on the necessary preparations for redecorating.

Similarly, have a think about how you can spruce up any old or knackered furniture items. A battered table or dresser can quickly become a shabby chic statement piece with a little bit of preparation, paint and TLC. 

Have fun! Inspired by any of our ideas? We would love to see! Take a photo and tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the handle @mysofacovers!