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Where can I get my sofa reupholstered?

Because you’re reading this page, we know you are wondering ‘Where can I get my sofa reupholstered?’

So, where can I get my sofa reupholstered

Well, the answer is… drum roll please… right here!

When your Multiyork sofa, chair or suite is looking worse for wear, we will reupholster it for you, restoring it to it’s former glory.

We offer a premium sofa repair service, which is flexible and tailored to your budget and needs. With the ability to identify your furniture over the phone or via email, there are no other sofa recovering companies who can rival our speed. All we need is some initial information from you, your choice of fabric, and then we’ll take it from there.

Furthermore, MY Sofa Covers will reupholster sofas that require fixed covers, leather covers and mixed covers complete with the matching suite items.

Ready to bring some life back into your sofa yet? Send us an email today; our staff are always on hand ready to assist you with some expert advice.