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Where can you buy a Multiyork Sofa – 5 Easy Options

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Can you still buy a Multiyork sofa?

Multiyork ceased trading in 2017. Up until that point the company was widely renowned as one of the most trusted, and highest quality sofa manufacturers in the United Kingdom. 

While the company no longer trades, their reputation lives on. The furniture they produced still sits firm and proud in many customer’s homes across the country and across the world.

What was so great about a Multiyork sofa?

Customers who purchased a Muitiyork sofa, chair, footstool or suite did so as an investment. They knew the furniture would last for centuries if it was looked after and maintained. It is because of this that to this day people are still searching for where they can buy a Multiyork Sofa.

While it isn’t possible to purchase a brand new Multiyork sofa any longer, it is still possible to buy a Multiyork sofa second hand. On occasion it is sometimes possible to find a Multiyork sofa or suite available for rehoming completely free of charge.

The Grey Sofa also offer a fantastic range of sofas and chairs which possess the characteristics that were so valued by Multiyork customers. Their sofas are handmade in the UK in 6-8 weeks and are made using high quality components such as hardwood frames, premium coil and sinuous steel springs, premium foam and designer fabrics. Their sofas are also fitted with loose covers!

We’ll list some of the best places to find them below.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is quickly becoming a popular selling site. With no sellers fees and free listings, it is a great option for people who are looking to rehome their pre-loved items. 

Listings are organised using an algorithm which shows listings that are located close to you. You can expand your search field by adjusting the filters and using the search feature to look for specific items. 

If you search ‘Multiyork Sofa’ and set the distance to as far as you are willing to travel, all of the relevant listings will appear.

As a bonus to this, the fact sellers use their personal profiles to sell items, it can offer some peace of mind and reassurance that you can put a face to who you are buying from.

Most of the listings on Facebook marketplace offer goods for a small fee, but sometimes there are items listed for free too.


This is another popular site where individuals are able to list their second hand goods for free. Similar to Facebook marketplace, goods are often listed for a small fee but it is possible to come across a free listing too. 


Freecycle works slightly differently to the other marketplace sites in the sense that every item listed is available for free! 

If there is a freecycle network in your area it is worth setting up an account and setting an alert for Multiyork sofa, Multiyork chair, Multiyork suite, Multiyork Footstool and other related terms. This will mean that you are emailed a notification as soon as an item related to that alert is listed.


Ebay is one of the most well known marketplace sites. There are frequent listings for Multiyork sofas, chairs and other furniture so a regular search on Ebay will pay off.


This selling site is like Gumtree and Freecycle combined. All of the listings on preloved are for a price but if you click onto the ‘Freeloved’ section of the site this is all free listings.

Safety First

When making a big second hand purchase online there are a few safety points to consider.

  1. Ask for photographs and even a quick video clip to check the condition of the item.
  2. Where possible, always view the item in person before paying. Or pay cash on collection or delivery.
  3. If paying online for second hand items through an individual use a payment option which offers additional protection such as PayPal or a Credit Card.

Don’t be put off by the covers!

If you don’t spot your perfect Multiyork sofa straight away consider purchasing replacement tailored covers for the Multiyork furniture. If you come across a shape or model you like and it is a bit worn, or perhaps not covered in a fabric which you would typically choose, you can opt for replacement sofa covers.

The cost of replacement sofa covers will vary depending on the model and fabric you choose, but a second hand sofa and replacement covers will often be cheaper than a brand new sofa of equal quality to a Multiyork!

Recovering your Multiyork sofa

Once you’ve found the Multiyork sofa which you’d like to buy, make it your own! The covers and cushion interiors may be worn or perhaps not to your preference but these are both things which can be changed. We supply replacement loose covers, tailored to fit any Multiyork furniture (which takes loose covers) and replacement cushion interiors. You can even complete our instant quote form to get an idea of costs before you purchase the second hand item. If you or the seller need help to identify the size or model, get in touch as we can help you with that too.

What will you decide?

We hope that this article has provided some inspiration to prolong the life of some more Multiyork furniture. Multiyork items are high quality, robust and super comfy. With the majority of our team previously working for Multiyork, we want to see the company’s legacy live on as long as possible. For more reasons on why you should consider recovering a Multiyork sofa, read this article (hint, it’s way more environmentally friendly too).